Telescopes Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good astronomy book for someone interested in astronomy?

Why do I need books on astronomy, anyway?

Do you recommend any astronomy books for my child?

Can astronomy books make me a better astronomer?

Why should I use astronomy software?

What is a Meade AutoStar controller, and why do I need one?

What is an autoguider?

What is Starry Night astronomical software, and why do I need it?

What is telescope software?

Can I find the kind of telescope I need in the Bushnell telescopes line?

Why are Bushnell optics so high quality?

What are Maksutov telescopes?

What are Bushnell astronomical telescopes?

What is a Cassegrain telescope?

What is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope?

What is a Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope?

What is a Schmidt Camera telescope?

What are Cassegrain optics and why are they superior?

Why do Celestron telescopes have such a good reputation?

What is Celestron NexStar?

Are Celestron telescopes reviewed highly?

Why do I need different eyepieces?

Is there a Celestron telescope for me?

Are there Coronado telescopes for amateurs, too?

Can I double-stack my Coronado telescope?

Are there a lot of accessories for my Coronado telescope?

How does Sky & Telescope review the Coronado telescope?

Are Coronado lenses high-quality, too?

What is a Dobsonian telescope?

Are Dobsonian telescopes for everyone?

What is a Dobsonian Mount?

How do Dobsonian telescopes track?

Can I build my own Dobsonian telescope?

What is a focal reducer?

What is a UV focal reducer?

Where do I place my focal reducer?

How can focal reducers give me more bang for my buck?

Why are Hardin Optical telescopes such high quality scopes?

Does Hardin Optical use high quality optics in their telescopes?

Are Hardin Optical telescopes good for deep-space viewing?

Is a Hardin telescope built to last?

Can I use my Hardin telescope for astrophotography?

Can I replace a broken telescope eyepiece or lens?

Are Barlow lenses interchangeable with my standard eyepiece?

What is a Barlow lens and why do I need one?

What is a lens shade/dew shield and why should I use one on my telescope lens?

How should I clean my telescope's lens?

Where are Konus telescopes made?

What do reviewers say about Konus telescopes?

Why haven't I heard more about telescopes by Konus?

Why are Konus scopes so popular in America?

Is there a Konus telescope for every level of astronomy?

Why should I only buy Lumicon filters?

Is there a Lumicron filter for my particular telescope?

Why should I use a deep-sky filter?

Why are Lumicon deep-sky filters the best on the market?

Does Lumicon make other accessories for telescopes?

Why is Meade such a big name in telescopes?

Do people like their Meade telescopes?

What features does the Meade ETX telescope series offer?

Why should I purchase a Meade telescope?

What are the differences between refracting and reflecting telescopes?

Why should I purchase a reflecting telescope?

Why should I purchase a refractor telescope?

Why should I purchase a reflecting and a refracting telescope?

Why is a refracting telescope recommended for beginners?

What are scopetronic telescope accessories?

Who is ScopeTronix and what do they make?

What is a Newtonian telescope?

What is a Newtonian reflector telescope?

What is a T-ring?

Why are Takahashi telescopes used for so much astrophotography?

Are Takahashi telescopes used in small observatories?

Does Takahashi make telescope accessories, too?

Are Takahashi telescopes easy to carry and compact?

How long has Tasco telescopes been making optical equipment?

Are telescope parts available from Tasco?

Does Tasco make manual telescopes, too?

Will my Tasco telescope be easy to assemble and set up?

Can I customize my TeleVue telescopes?

What other types of products does TeleVue make?

Does TeleVue make a variety of eyepieces to customize my telescope?

Does Losmandy make accessories for a wide variety of telescopes?

How do I choose the TeleVue telescope that's right for me?

What does the telescope eyepiece really do?

What should I look for in purchasing astronomical telescope accessories?

Where can I find a missing part for my telescope?

What kind of telescope accessories will enhance my viewing?

Is there any other type of telescope accessory I should look at?

What should I look for in my first telescope?

Why is a Dobsonian a good novice telescope?

How do I operate my beginner telescope?

Why should I avoid amateur telescopes priced under $300?

What is the difference between an amateur and professional telescope?

Are there good telescopes created just for kids?

Who invented the first telescope?

Where can I find telescope reviews?

Where is the largest radio telescope located?

What is the Hubble Space Telescope?

Does Vixen make a wide variety of telescopes?

What are terrestrial telescope mounts?

Does Vixen make a wide variety of telescope accessories, too?

Are there some things I should look for when purchasing a Vixen telescope?

Do all dealers carry Orion telescopes?

Do owners review their Orion telescopes well?

Are there good review sites online for Orion and other telescopes?

Does Orion make binoculars in addition to telescopes?

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