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The Schmidt Camera Cassegrain – Then and Now

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Was inventor Bernhard Schmidt involved in the ultimate creation of the Schmidt Cassegrain?

The Schmidt Camera Cassegrain – Then and Now

Inventor Bernhard Schmidt, creator of the Schmidt camera, would never live to see the creation of the telescope that is so popular today, the Schmidt Camera Cassegrain. He died in 1935, five years after he created the Schmidt camera. Though the Schmidt Camera Cassegrain remains popular among amateur astronomers, the original Schmidt camera is still used today. Astronomers employ the Schmidt camera for survey work, searching for asteroids and comets, as well as tracking artificial earth satellites. One of the most well known Schmidt cameras of our time resides at the Palomar Observatory in San Diego – the Samuel Oschin Schmidt telescope, a 48 inch aperture powerhouse, used only for photographic purposes.



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