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Sir Issac Newton and the Advancement of the Telescope

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How did Sir Issac Newton advance the telescope?

Sir Issac Newton and the Advancement of the Telescope

In 1642, the same year that the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei passed away, a new scientist, Sir Isaac Newton was born. An Englishman, Sir Isaac Newton became an admirer of Galileo's work and made his own mark in history by developing a major advancement of the telescope. There were several problems with the refractor telescopes that existed during that time. The glass lenses caused unwanted rings of color and created blurred images. Some telescopes had to be made longer in order to correct the problem, sometimes reaching over 100 feet in length. In addition, the weight of the glass lenses made the telescopes heavy and cumbersome to use. By using curved mirrors and inventing the reflector telescope, Newton was able to make a major advancement of the telescope. He created a telescope which magnified the image millions of times rather than hundreds of times.



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