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Magnification Power and The Telescope Purchase

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Should I look at magnification power as part of my telescope purchase decision?

Magnification Power and The Telescope Purchase

Before you make a telescope purchase, it's a good idea to be weary of any model that touts magnification power as its strong suit. Why? You could end up with a low quality telescope with high magnification power. In order to increase telescopic magnification power, all you have to do is change the eyepiece out. The objects you are able to see with a telescope depend more on aperture and the amount of light a telescope can gather than the magnification power. When making your telescope purchase decision, also keep in mind that most stargazers often end up using a lower powered magnification more often than a higher powered one.

If you want to figure out the maximum magnification of a model of telescope, take the size in inches of the lens and multiply by 50. For example, an eight inch lens would have a magnification of 400x.



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