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Astronomy Books Tips

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What is a good astronomy book for someone interested in astronomy?

Peterson First Guides: Astronomy Book

The Peterson First Guides: Astronomy is a great example of a star field guide astronomy book. It contains 24 maps of the stars (2 per month)and it shows beginning astronomers where to look for constellations in northern and southern skies. The astronomy field guide shows illustrations of the constellations in the larger sky and shows maps of the more popular and easy to see constellations individually. This astronomy book also covers a number of topics from the life cycle of stars to galaxies. Although today's telescopes have terrific astronomy software to help a beginning astronomer find any given constellation or astronomical object, using field guides like this is still a great way to introduce kids or beginning astronomers to the night sky.

Can astronomy books make me a better astronomer?

Astronomy Books

Good astronomy books can make you a better astronomer, it's that simple! They'll help you find your way around the night sky, give you new ideas to seek out, and keep you using your telescope more often and more enjoyably. Invest in a few good astronomy guides to add more pleasure to your telescope experience.

Some best selling astronomy guides include:
*Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, by Terence Dickinson
*The Backyard Astronomer's Guide - by Terency Dickinson
*Astronomy for Dummies, by Stephen P. Maran

Do you recommend any astronomy books for my child?

Child's Astronomy Books

There are many astronomy books geared especially to children. These books will pique their interest in the stars and show them some of the easiest constellations to look for in the night sky.

They include:

*The Children's Night Sky Atlas by Robin Scagell and Jacqueline Mitton
*The Kids Book of the Night Sky by Jane Drake and Anne Love
*Once Upon A Starry Night, A Book of Constellations by Jacqueline Mitton and Christina Balit

Why do I need books on astronomy, anyway?

Books on Astronomy

Books on astronomy run the gamut from beginner to expert, and can help you decide what planets and stars you'd like to concentrate on in the night sky. Sky Maps can help you find objects as you gaze through your telescope, and give you an idea of the many objects nearby some of the more popular constellations and planets.

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