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Telescope Lens Tips

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Are Barlow lenses interchangeable with my standard eyepiece?

Barlow Lenses

Barlow lenses can be used on any telescope, doubling or even tripling the focal length of the scope instantly. They are interchangeable with the standard eyepiece that comes with the scope, and they are an affordable way to add even more power to your telescope.

How should I clean my telescope's lens?

Telescope's Lens

Keeping your telescope's lens clean and safe is an important part of telescope maintenance. Make sure you use a high quality lens cleaner made specifically for telescopes, and always use a soft cloth to clean your lens. Some simple maintenance can help keep you enjoying your telescope for years to come!

What is a lens shade/dew shield and why should I use one on my telescope lens?

Telescope Lens

A Lens Shade/Dew Cap is basically a tube that is approximately the same diameter as your telescope tube. It is designed to fit on the front end of the telescope to help reduce the amount of dew that could build up on the corrector plate. It also serves as a lens shade by preventing stray light from hitting the corrector plate, and this can greatly improve the contrast.

Can I replace a broken telescope eyepiece or lens?

Telescope Lenses

You can find a wide variety of telescope lenses and eyepieces to fit any model telescope. These lenses and eyepieces can increase focal length, replace broken eyepieces, or even allow you to see further and more clearly through your telescope.

What is a Barlow lens and why do I need one?

Barlow Lens

A Barlow lens is an easy, affordable way to increase the magnification range of your eyepieces. A Barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of your eyepiece by doubling its effective focal length, and some Barlow lenses even triple the focal length.

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