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Lumicon Filters Tips

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Why should I use a deep-sky filter?

What are Deep-Sky Filters?

Deep-sky filters effectively block all mercury-vapor and high and low pressure sodium-vapor lamp light, neon lights, and airglow, while allowing the rest of the visible spectrum through. They are essential for astrophotography and better visibility into deep space.

Why should I only buy Lumicon filters?

Lumicon Filters

If you need filters for your telescope, then look for high quality Lumicon filters. Why? Because Lumicon is the most respected name in telescope filters, and they make a huge variety of filters for everything from UV protection to deep-sky viewing.

Does Lumicon make other accessories for telescopes?

Lumicon Accessories

Lumicon may be famous for filters, but they also make a wide variety of other accessories for the astronomer, including extension tubes, focus adaptors, and camera adaptors.

Why are Lumicon deep-sky filters the best on the market?

Lumicon Deep-Sky Filters

Are you looking for an excellent deep sky filter for your telescope? Then look no further than the Lumicon deep sky filter. Lumicon filters are famous for their excellent quality and many different types of filters they produce to fit just about any telescope.

Is there a Lumicron filter for my particular telescope?

Lumicon Filter

There is a Lumicon filter for just about every telescope. They test all their filters on a Perkin-Elmer Double-Beam Spectrophotometer, and they proudly inscribe the % of transmission for each of the primary lines on the filter ring.

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