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Takahashi Telescopes Tips

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Are Takahashi telescopes used in small observatories?


Many people think of astrophotography when they think of Takahashi, but Takahashi's outstanding scopes are also used in many small observatories around the world. They're that good!

Does Takahashi make telescope accessories, too?

Takahashi Telescope Accessories

Takahashi makes high quality telescopes, but they also make many telescope accessories and even binoculars.

Are Takahashi telescopes easy to carry and compact?

Takahashi Telescope

A Takahashi telescope is a telescope that will last a lifetime, and the astronomer may never outgrow. Many of their scopes are so compact they can even be carried on as airplane luggage!

Why are Takahashi telescopes used for so much astrophotography?

Takahashi Telescopes

The brand of Takahashi telescopes are often used by astrophotographers because of Takahashi's fine optics and clarity. They are high quality telescopes that use special features to give superior results.

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