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Vixen Telescopes Tips

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What are terrestrial telescope mounts?

Terrestrial Telescope Mounts

What's a terrestrial telescope? Simply, it's a smaller spotting scope that is often handheld and used during the day. When these scopes get big and cumbersome, you often need a terrestrial telescope mount to keep them steady while you view the world around you.

Does Vixen make a wide variety of telescope accessories, too?

Vixen Telescope Accessories

With so many options available on Vixen telescopes, it's not surprising they have quite a few Vixen telescope accessories available, too. From eyepieces to custom mounts, you can find the Vixen telescope accessories that are perfect for your particular scope

Are there some things I should look for when purchasing a Vixen telescope?

Buying a Vixen Telescope

There are so many options available when buying a Vixen telescope, you may not be able to choose among them all! To start with, look for an eyepiece that will enhance your viewing, and perhaps a motor drive or even video camera that can film your nightly sky shows!

Does Vixen make a wide variety of telescopes?

Vixen Telescopes

There are several different Vixen telescopes available, from Newtonian to refractors and spotter scopes. Vixen telescopes come mounted or unmounted, so the choice and the customization is totally up to you.

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