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Orion Telescopes Tips

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Do owners review their Orion telescopes well?

Orion Telescope Review

Owners agree, their Orion telescopes, especially the Dobsonian models, are easy to set up, and they give excellent results. One user said of his Orion SkyQuest XT10i Dobsonian, "Considering square inches of aperture per dollar and quality I'm pretty sure this is the best scope on the market." Other reviews concur.

Does Orion make binoculars in addition to telescopes?

Orion Telescope and Binoculars

Orion makes a variety of binoculars in addition to telescopes and accessories. Many experts recommend you begin stargazing with a good set of binoculars to get yourself accustomed to finding objects and see if you really like stargazing. Orion telescope and binoculars go hand in hand, and you can easily graduate from one to the other.

Are there good review sites online for Orion and other telescopes?

Orion Telescope Reviews

For telescope reviews for Orion and many other telescope models, try Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews. They offer numerous expert reviews, and many articles that will teach you more about astronomy.

Do all dealers carry Orion telescopes?

Orion Telescopes

Orion telescopes are very specialized scopes that several companies simply do not carry. You can often find Orion accessories at your local dealer, however, and they also offer binoculars and there are many accessories that will work with Orion telescopes.

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