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Dobsonian Telescopes Tips

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Can I build my own Dobsonian telescope?

Dobsonian Kit Telescope

There are numerous Internet Web Sites and books available to tell you how to build your own Dobsonian telescope. Since these telescopes are so elemental, they are really quite simple to build yourself, and think of the pride you'll feel when you're done!

What is a Dobsonian telescope?

Dobsonian Telescopes

Dobsonian telescopes are BIG, there's no two ways about it! These large aperture scopes will give you excellent views of deep space, and come in a wide variety of models and prices, so there's one for just about everybody.

How do Dobsonian telescopes track?

Dobsonian Tracking

Many Dobsonian telescopes use manual tracking, but there are tracking kits available for many Dobsonian telescopes. One automatic tracker is the Meade Starfinder System, which comes standard on many of its larger Dobsonian telescopes.

Are Dobsonian telescopes for everyone?

Dobsonian Telescope

While there's a Dobsonian telescope in just about every price range, they may not be the perfect scope for every user. They are bulkier than other scopes, but their light catching abilities are legendary, especially in such inexpensive scopes.

What is a Dobsonian Mount?

Dobsonian Mount

The Dobsonian Mount was invented in the 1970s by John Dobsonian. It was designed to hold massive Newtonian Reflecting telescopes securely on the ground to provide a steady image. It is often used on Dobsonian telescopes that have very large apertures - anywhere between 6- and 20-+ inches! Many Dobsonian telescopes use the Dobsonian Mount, while others use the Equatorial Mount.

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