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Scopetronix Telescope Accessories Tips

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What is a Newtonian telescope?

Newtonian Telescope

A Newtonian telescope is a simple reflecting telescope, and they tend to be large in diameter with a higher focal length than many other types of telescopes. They may be simple, but they produce great results and can be low to moderately priced or higher priced, depending on the diameter of the scope.

What are scopetronic telescope accessories?

ScopeTronix Telescope Accessories

If you're looking for a wide variety of telescope accessories, then the ScopeTronix telescope accessories line is just what you're looking for. They specialize in connectors for just about any kind of digital camera, but they also offer filters, step rings, focusing aids, and a wide variety of other "must haves" for your telescope.

What is a T-ring?


A T-Ring is an adapter that lets you attach T-threaded accessories directly to your digital cameras lens. They are available in a wide variety of sizes or "steps."

What is a Newtonian reflector telescope?

Newtonian Reflector Telescope

A Newtonian reflector telescope can be great for the beginner, but there are also some very advanced and higher-priced Newtonian reflector telescopes for the advanced astronomer, too.

Who is ScopeTronix and what do they make?


Who is ScopeTronix? They are a manufacturer of telescopes, but they also are the premier maker of accessories to connect your digital camera to your telescope for astrophotography.

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