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Telescopes Tips

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Who invented the first telescope?

Brief History of the Telescope

Italian inventor Galileo first invented a rudimentary telescope in the 1600s, but telescopes did not really improve until the 19th century, when astronomy became increasingly popular. By the 20th century telescopes had gotten bigger and more advanced, and astronomers could identify many more objects far deeper in space. Home astronomy also became much more popular in the 20th century, and today, home telescopes are advanced enough for backyard astronomers to see galaxies, stars, and planets that were unknown to scientists like Galileo.

What is the Hubble Space Telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was named after astronomer and scientist Edwin Hubble, who discovered the Big Bang Theory. The Hubble was launched on April 24, 1990 from the space shuttle Discovery. The Hubble was expected to last about 20 years, and so, it's time of service is coming to an end. The Hubble will no longer be maintained by astronauts, and will be replaced by another space telescope sometime in the future.

Where is the largest radio telescope located?

What is a Radio Telescope?

Radio telescopes were developed to listen for radio waves in space. The simplest telescopes consist of antennas, a receiver and amplifier, and a recorder to record the incoming data. The largest radio telescope in the world is located in Aricebo Puerto Rico, and measures 1000 feet in diameter.

Where can I find telescope reviews?

Telescope Reviews

There are many telescope reviews online, and it is best to look at reviews before you purchase your first telescope. Look for a site that offers telescope reviews but does not sell telescopes, to make sure they offer only unbiased reviews on many different types of telescopes

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