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Telescope Accessories Tips

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Is there any other type of telescope accessory I should look at?

Choosing the Right Telescope Accessory

Don't forget that the right telescope accessory can include books, star maps, computer software, and a variety of other tools to help you locate the stars and make your stargazing more fun for the entire family. Choose your telescope accessory from a reputable dealer and have a great, star-filled night!

What should I look for in purchasing astronomical telescope accessories?

Astronomical Telescope Accessories

For the right astronomical telescope accessories, make sure you buy your accessories from a reputable dealer who will stand behind the product's warranty and also offers a return policy, so you can return your telescope accessories if you are not completely satisfied.

What kind of telescope accessories will enhance my viewing?

The Right Telescope Accessory to Enhance Viewing

What telescope accessories will enhance your viewing experience? Superior eyepieces will surely help, and so will a Barlow lens, which doubles or triples the magnification of your scope. You also might want to invest in filters that filter out certain light and protect your delicate lens. There are many telescope accessories you can find that will fit your particular telescope and enhance your viewing.

Where can I find a missing part for my telescope?

Telescope Part

Are you stumped looking for the missing telescope part for your telescope? Many manufacturers well parts for their scopes. Try visiting the manufacturer's web site to look for a parts catalog, or try some of the online auction sites, such as eBay, if you can't find them anywhere else.

What does the telescope eyepiece really do?

Telescope Eyepiece Options

Basically, the telescope eyepiece affects the magnification of a telescope. Technically, the magnification is the ratio of the telescope's focal length to the focal length of the eyepiece in use. Thus, a telescope with a 1000 mm focal length, used with an eyepiece of 25 mm focal length, has a magnification of 1000/25, or 40. Or, to make it simpler, things look 40 times wider, or, 40 times closer. If you switch the eyepiece to one with 4 mm focal length, the same telescope now has magnification of 1000/4, or 250.

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