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Focal Reducers Tips

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How can focal reducers give me more bang for my buck?

Focal Reducers

Good focal reducers allow the astronomer to get more bang for their buck. Focal reducers essentially create a dual focal ratio scope without sacrificing image quality.

Where do I place my focal reducer?

Focal Reducer Placement

The focal reducer placement is simple. This Meade focal reducer threads onto the rear cell of any Meade mirror-lens telescope or to other Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope brands (followed by the Off-Axis Guider or T-Adapter).

What is a focal reducer?

Focal Reducer

A focal reducer reduces the telescope's focal ratio by a factor depending on the reducer itself. Simultaneously, the lens system helps to flatten the field, significantly improving edge-of-field corrections. For example, an f/6.3 focal reducer allows a reduction of photographic exposure times by about 50%, while producing an actual field diameter of 1.5" at the film plane.

What is a UV focal reducer?

UV Focal Reducer

A UV focal reducer works exactly the same way any focal reducer works on a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. The additional UV coating on the lens protects the lens and reduces glare.

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