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Coronado Telescopes Tips

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How does Sky & Telescope review the Coronado telescope?

Coronado Telescope Review

Coronado telescopes are some of the most popular with consumers and professionals. Coronado MaxScope 40 was reviewed in Sky & Telescope Magazine in August 2002, and was awarded a "Hot Product for 2002" award.

Are there a lot of accessories for my Coronado telescope?

Coronado Telescope Accessories

If you're looking for a wide variety of accessories and filers, look no further than Coronado. They offer an outstanding line of filters, eyepieces, and blocking accessories to bring out the most in your scope.

Can I double-stack my Coronado telescope?

Coronado Telescope

This Coronado telescope is custom built and provides extremely high contrast. Even better, this telescope can be "double-stacked" with other Coronado model filters to increase resolution.

Are Coronado lenses high-quality, too?

Coronado Lenses

Coronado telescopes are high-quality custom built models, and their telescope lenses are high-quality, too. This set comes with a barlow lens, which makes upside down objects appear right side up when you view them.

Are there Coronado telescopes for amateurs, too?

Coronado Telescopes

Looking for a professional grade telescope appropriate for an amateur? Coronado telescopes are the choice of professionals everywhere. Now they are providing innovation telescope solutions for the amateur market, too. They provide several models appropriate for beginning astronomers so look closely at their product line. Whenever you can get a product so highly endorsed by professionals, you know you are on the right track.

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