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Tasco Telescopes Tips

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Does Tasco make manual telescopes, too?

Manual Tasco Telescopes

If you are looking for a reliable manual telescope, look no further than Tasco telescopes. Tasco still makes a variety of manual telescopes that the user can fully control and manipulate. These manual scopes are more affordable and teach novice users really how to maneuver around the solar system.

Will my Tasco telescope be easy to assemble and set up?

Using Your Tacso Telescope

Most users say setting up your new Tasco telescope will be quite simple. Each telescope comes with an instruction manual to help the novice put the scope together, and each Tasco telescope also comes with a Sky Watch CD-ROM with 10,000 objects in the database.

How long has Tasco telescopes been making optical equipment?

Tasco Telescopes

Tasco has been making sports optics for over twenty years, so that's just one reason so many people trust Tasco telescopes. These telescopes are created with the entire family in mind, and are economical enough to be affordable for just about every household.

Are telescope parts available from Tasco?

Tasco Telescope Parts

There is another benefit to purchasing a Tasco telescope. Since these optics have been around for a while, if your telescope might need a replacement part, they are easily available. Tasco telescope parts like eyepieces, filters, and others are available from Tasco and from most dealers.

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