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Konus Telescopes Tips

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Why haven't I heard more about telescopes by Konus?

Telescopes by Konus

You might not have heard about telescopes by Konus, and that's because they are relatively new to American astronomy retailers. They are Italian-made, high quality telescopes that come in refracting, reflecting, and Newtonian models, so you're sure to find one that's just right for your needs.

Where are Konus telescopes made?

Konus Telescopes

Konus telescopes are Italian-made precision optical instruments in a variety of styles and models. Konus manufactures Newtonian, reflecting, and refracting telescopes.

What do reviewers say about Konus telescopes?

Konus Telescope Review

Many experts agree that Konus telescopes are an excellent value. They provide high quality at a reasonable price, and have models suitable for beginners to experts, and gain high reviews from many of their users.

Why are Konus scopes so popular in America?

Konus Scopes

Why are Konus scopes becoming so popular in America? Because they are priced right and come in models to suit every level of astronomy. Konus also makes a wide variety of other products, like microscopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, and even opera glasses. They have taken their high end optical expertise and created many successful products.

Is there a Konus telescope for every level of astronomy?

Konus Telescope

A Konus telescope can provide years of high quality stargazing. Konus uses the best materials but offers competitive pricing, so Konus telescopes are excellent choices for the beginning astronomer or the more advanced stargazer.

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