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Meade Telescopes Tips

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Where can I purchase discounted Meade telescopes?

Discounted Meade Telescopes From The Factory Outlet

If you're interested in getting discounted Meade telescopes, you can try browsing through the Meade factory outlet. Set up in 2004, you'll find a small selection of discounted Meade telescopes at the online factory outlet, including refurbished and recently discontinued models. Other items such as binoculars, telescope accessories, and carrying cases make up the selection.

Do people like their Meade telescopes?

Meade Telescope Review

Customers rave about the ease of setting up their Meade telescope and how simple it is to start viewing the stars with a Meade telescope.

Why should I purchase a Meade telescope?

Meade Telescope

Purchase a Meade telescope if you want ease of set up, a sturdy telescope that you can enjoy for years, and a telescope that you can grow with as you learn more about the night sky in your area.

Why is Meade such a big name in telescopes?

Meade Telescopes

When you think of telescopes, the first name you think of is probably Meade telescopes. That's because Meade has become well-known for selling quality telescopes for reasonable prices, especially geared to the home astronomer. When you are choosing your Meade telescope, you need to think about your intended applications.

If you are a beginner or amateur telescope user and you want to see many different astronomical objects, you will probably want a Meade refracting telescope or a mirror lens telescope. If you are more interested in astronomy then you will want to look at Meade reflecting telescopes. Reflecting telescopes have a larger aperture for the money you are spending. You could also buy a mirror-lens telescope for your astronomical object viewing. They have excellent image resolution.

Can you tell me about the Meade ETx telescopes?

Meade ETx Telescope

The Meade ETx telescope line is a well-known group of true catadioptric telescopes. They include the ETX-80, ETX-90AT, ETX-105AT, and the ETX-125AT. With a corrector plate at the top end of the tube, the light beam reaching the main mirror gets modified and gives a refined image with a shorter tube. The smaller 80 mm Meade ETx telescope starts at a retail price of $280, while the higher end 125 mm telescope retails for $1000. With just the base 80 mm model, you will be able to see the craters of the moon, Saturn's rings, and Jupiter's cloud belts. You have the option to add the AutoStar Suite software to help you differentiate your double stars from your nebulae when looking at the night sky.

What features does the Meade ETX telescope series offer?
What is the latest Meade telescope accessory?

The Latest Meade Telescope Accessory

If you have a Meade LX200GPS or a Meade RCX400 telescope, you can now use your AutoStar software through a wireless controller, eliminating the possibility for cords to get in the way of stargazing. This Meade telescope accessory operates through a keypad much like the wired version. If for some reason, you want to operate your AutoStar feature from a distance, the wireless controller will function at a distance up to 100 feet away from your telescope. This Meade telescope accessory is not a must have, but it certainly makes operating your Meade telescope more convenient and fun.

Are there any Meade telescopes for the serious astronomer?

Meade Telescopes Among Hot New Products for 2006

Sky & Telescope magazine listed their version of Hot New Products for 2006 and a line of Meade telescopes made the cut. The telescope market has had a gap between high-end custom telescopes and the popular Schmidt-Cassegrain models until recently. Made for the astrophotography market, the Meade RCX400 Advanced Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes come loaded with functions, including an electronic controlled collimation and focus, dew heaters, thermally stable carbon-fiber tubes, and a heavy-duty tripod for stability. You won't find any distortions of the stars straggling at the edge of your view in these Meade telescopes since they come free of coma images, as you would expect from a typical Ritchey-Chrétien telescope. The Ritchey-Chrétien telescope is the standard for every professional telescope used, including observatories and the Hubble Space Telescope.

What can you tell me about the Meade focal reducers?

Meade Focal Reducer

A focal reducer has the opposite effect of a Barlow lens. Rather than increasing the focal length in a telescope, it works to reduce the focal ratio by its placement in front of the beam of light in a telescope. There are two models of Meade focal reducers. The Series 4000 Meade focal reducer comes in a focal ratio of f/6.3 and f/3.3. The f/6.3 Meade focal reducer and f/3.3 Meade focal reducer help flatten the field, which improves any edge of field distortion. For astrophotographers, the f/6.3 focal reducer lessens the exposure time by 50%. For those who need maximum exposure reduction, the f/3.3 focal reducer lessens the charge-coupled device or CCD exposure time by 80%.

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