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Astronomy Software Tips

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What is Starry Night astronomical software, and why do I need it?

Astronomical Software

Enjoy the stars on your computer! Starry Night Software is simply the best astronomical software available for your PC, and there are so many different versions and topics available in the Starry Night line, you are sure to find just what you're looking for -- from Mars to Deep Space exploration and beyond.

What is telescope software?

Telescope Software

Today, most telescopes come with their own advanced software to help you link with your PC and locate objects in the night sky. Often, you can "autoguide" your telescope from you PC, and view the results on your monitor, while the telescope stays outside and does all the work! Ask about this advance telescope software when you purchase your telescope.

What is a Meade AutoStar controller, and why do I need one?

AutoStar Controller

The Meade AutoStar Controller is a must for automatically locating and locking on to the celestial bodies in the night sky. If you've ever tried to focus and follow objects by hand, you'll appreciate the ease and precision of the AutoStar Controller, and how it makes your night sky viewing so much more simply and pleasurable. Contains over 14,000 items in its astronomical database.

What is an autoguider?


Many telescopes come equipped with ports to plug in your own AutoGuider control and software. Some systems, such as many of the Celestron models, come with AutoGlider software and controllers already installed. AutoGlider technology tracks objects for you, so you don't have to manually reconfigure the telescope every few minutes. Some even allow you to guide your telescope from your PC. It makes viewing the night sky a lot more fun!

Why should I use astronomy software?

Astronomy Software

Astronomy software makes viewing the night skies easier, more enjoyable, and helps you learn where to look for constellations and stars. There are many excellent astronomy programs geared to beginners or more advanced users, including the Starry Nights family of software.

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