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Bushnell Telescopes Tips

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What Bushnell telescope is ideal for astrophotography?

A Bushnell Reflector Telescope For Astrophography

For those of you searching for a great Bushnell reflector telescope, Consumer Guide recommends the Bushnell 78-9518 Deep Space telescope. This Bushnell reflector telescope targets the higher-end beginner and intermediate astronomy enthusiast market. The Bushnell 78-9518 Deep Space telescope is an ideal astrophotography telescope at a relatively low price, and it comes with camera adaptability for long exposure photography. With this particular Bushnell product, you'll get a user-friendly finderscope and a mount which comes with the package for easier portability and stability.

Which reasonably priced Bushnell Refractor Telescope would you recommend?

Picking Out a Bushnell Refractor Telescope

If you're in the market for a reasonably priced Bushnell refractor telescope, look to Consumer Guide's recommendation of the Bushnell 78-9570 Voyager. This Bushnell refractor telescope retails for $200 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You'll be able to exchange three different eyepieces - 4 mm, 10 mm, and 20 mm. This all around novice astronomer's find will give you a clear view of the night sky for general stargazing as long as you keep away from heavily lit areas.

What are Maksutov telescopes?

Maksutov Telescopes

Maksutov telescopes were developed by Dr. Dmitri Maksutov, and they offer excellent light collection in a compact space. The Bushnell Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is an excellent scope and an even better value.

Which Bushnell telescope will give me the best value for my money?

The Best Value Bushnell Telescopes

Which Bushnell telescopes give you the best bang for your buck? According to the Consumer Guide online, the Bushnell Northstar Reflector 78-8846 is rated as a best buy purchase. This model normally retails for $300 and is loaded with features and functions. As with other Northstar models, these Bushnell telescopes have a computerized function that allows you to input your stargazing agenda and then take you there automatically. In addition, you get the benefit of a voice and on-screen narration of what you're viewing whether it is a constellation, nebula, or planet.

Which model of Bushnell Maksutov-Cassegrain would you recommend?

Bushnell Maksutov-Cassegrain

Bushnell carries a few different Maksutov-Cassegrain models in their product line. Their intermediate level Bushnell Maksutov-Cassegrain 90 mm Northstar 78-8890 is a solid product if you're interested in viewing the moon, planets, galaxies, and nebulae. You'll get a "Go To" feature, allowing you to track down objects in space from a database of 20,000 stargazing choices. The "Go To" feature is a computer driven addition for beginning astronomers and more advanced enthusiasts to get educated about the night sky. In addition, the 78-8890 Bushnell Maksutov-Cassegrain gives you a real voice output option which narrates your view of the night sky.

Can I find the kind of telescope I need in the Bushnell telescopes line?

Bushnell Telescopes

Bushnell telescopes are some of the most recognized and popular telescopes in astronomy. They offer scopes from beginner to expert, with a wide variety of sizes and mounts. Bushnell optics are quality optics that you can count on in your astronomical viewing.

Why are Bushnell optics so high quality?

Bushnell Optics

Bushnell's reputation is built on its' optical performance in a wide variety of scopes and lenses. Bushnell produces binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and many other optical equipment that is both easy to use and very high quality.

What are Bushnell astronomical telescopes?

Bushnell Astronomical Telescopes

If you're interested in looking into deep space, there are several Bushnell astronomical telescopes that will meet your needs. Many Bushnell astronomical telescopes include the "Go To" commander that will find the stars and planets you're looking for.

Can you tell me about Bushnell telescopes?

Bushnell Astronomical Telescopes

Although more widely recognized for their quality binoculars, Bushnell also produces a line of telescopes. Bushnell astronomical telescopes cater to the entry-level astronomy enthusiast and carries three product lines: Harbormaster, Voyager Sky Tour, and Northstar.

Harbormaster - The Harbormaster series retails from a mere $150 for the tabletop version to $2,000 for the full-scale version. Both refractor telescopes, the Harbormaster series bases its solid brass design on a British import telescope.

Voyager Sky Tour – This line of telescopes has both reflector and refractor models and is tailor made as a practical telescope for the first time telescope buyer. This line retails from $100 to $200.

Northstar – For technophiles, this line of Bushnell astronomical telescopes offers reflector and Maksutov-Cassegrain models. These telescopes come with a computer tracking technology, giving the user a database of 20,000 celestial objects to choose from. Once selected, the automated system will track the object for viewing. These models start at about $200 and then go up from there.

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