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Konus Telescopes

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Where are Konus telescopes made?

Konus Telescopes

Konus telescopes are Italian-made precision optical instruments in a variety of styles and models. Konus manufactures Newtonian, reflecting, and refracting telescopes.



10/26/2007 3:15:09 AM
D.M.Smith said:

Thte folowing is based on extensive reserch of massed produced telescopes on the market today.
Konus does not manufacture or assemble the Konusky 200 telescopes. The new Konusky 200 optical tube assembly is manufactured by Simpo Optical & Electrical Instruments Co. LTD in Nanjing, China, an affiliate of Bosma IND. Co. LTD located in Guangzhou, China. It is identical to the Bosma model 120201 telescope.
The optics quality of the Konusky 200 is surprisingly good for a scope in this price range. Unfiltered viewing reveals slightly less contrast than other eight inch scopes. However, using the proper filters to enhance the contrast reveals lunar, planetary and deep space object details comparable to the higher priced eight inch Newtonians on the market.
The focuser that comes with this scope is a poor quality rack & pinion with a ratio of about 3:1 and is difficult to focus this scope. Focusers for any F5 or faster scope should have a 4:1 ratio or higher. The draw tube has too much play and will not stay in position when locked. The Teflon guide strips eventually fall out. I strongly suggest replacing this. I replaced mine with a 2” crayford 2 speed 5:1 / 10:1 ratio.
The EM10 mount that is supplied with the Konusky 200 is similar in appearance to the EQ5 mount. However, the EM10 is slightly heavier than the EQ5. Bosma has stated that the maximum weight capacity for the EM10 is 55 lbs. When properly leveled, polar aligned and the optical tube balanced on both axis, the EM10 has no noticeable drift. This test was performed using a 20mm eyepiece with split cross hairs. I lined up Rigel, the lower right star in the constellation Orion, in the center of the cross hairs. After two hours, Rigel was still in the center of the cross hairs.
Even at the cost of replacing the focuser this is the best priced telescope on the market today. Think of it this way. If you buy an EQ5 mount with dual axis motors and a steel tube tripod you would pay as much if not more than the Konusky 200 is selling for.


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