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Hardin Telescope

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Is a Hardin telescope built to last?

Hardin Telescope

Once you've used a Hardin telescope, you'll see the difference that quality, precision-made optics really mean to viewing the stars and planets. Hardin telescopes are built to last and built to use over and over again.



7/31/2006 12:19:31 AM
Peter said:

I have owned many telescopes in the past (Konus, Coulter, Meade, and Celestron). I purchased a Hardin telescope on e-bay as a chance of getting a different name. To my surprise, when I viewed the heavens, I have never seen a 6 inch telescope give such clear, crisp and refreshing views of the moon and planets. It just blows all the other telescopes away including even the Orions out there. This is no kidding.



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